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Do you have a business idea?

Are you an entrepreneur, or a private individual who wants to become an entrepreneur?

Need funding, money, capital to make it happen?

Financing is available, with practically no upper limit for business ideas with real chances for success.

Your First Consultation Is a Must.

Your first consulting session is a must, as we must do a preliminary analysis of your business idea.

In order to determine if a business idea has chances of success, we have to review your business idea or project.

Order the Business Consulting Service to see what the chances of success are for your business idea!

What You Need to Know:

  • Funding can be arranged trough banks and, especially, by using specialized investment bankers, as well as with the participation of other traditional or new funding sources (leasing companies, venture capital firms or private equity organizations). Funding can also be arranged directly by angel investors, hard money lenders, private investors, high-risk investment funds, hedge funds, and so on.


  • For funding solutions related to exports and imports, we can also work with government organizations like the USA Exim Bank, using specialized financing like factoring, export finance, sales funding, project finance, with the help of well-established institutions like the ones American Export Import works with.

  • Funding for all business ideas is possible, as long as certain factors which provide real chances for success are met.

  • We’ll guide selected entrepreneurs or regular people who want to become entrepreneurs in ways meant for maximizing the chances of success of any business. In this respect, we’ll use the extensive knowledge, experience, and contact networks, combined with the virtually unlimited resources which are available trough Garanta, along with other internationally recognized partners.

Start Today!

Ready to evolve your business idea to the next level? Continue the data verification process below.

Verification may be done according to U.S. – Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Insurance Office (FIO), U.K. – Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), KYC regulations.

Funding sources, including, but not limited to investors, lenders, venture capital firms, investment or commercial banks, angel investors, as well as investment funds require data verification in order to open a new account.

After your order, you will be able to provide identification (Passport, Driving License or National ID Card), an address (Utility Bill – Gas, Electric, Water Bill or Bank, Credit Card Statement), as well as an executive summary for verification.

This is to ensure we comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Plan Out Your Business.

You don’t need a regular business plan, you need a Strategic Business Plan which can show investors you really have a strategy and that you know how to implement and develop a project, as well as establish and expand a business.

Order the Strategic Business Plan Package and relax with a money back guarantee:

Starting from your business idea, our highly-qualified professional team will create a Strategic Business Plan and submit it to investors as well – if it doesn’t get approved, you will be reimbursed.

You’ll be contacted after checkout for more information.

Other Professional, Highly Specialized Services:

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